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Ian Pittaway
Ian Pittaway YouTube page

Solo website and YouTube page of early and traditional musician, singer, lutenist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, the author of this blog. Includes soundfiles, information on his instruments, gig list, CDs.

“Ian’s instrumental virtuosity can’t be faulted, masterful on anything he turns his frets to.” ~ English Dance & Song magazine


The Night Watch
The Night Watch YouTube page

Website and YouTube page of early music duo Ian Pittaway (voice, lutes, cittern, gittern, early guitars, bray harp, bandora, mandore) and Andy Casserley (voice, recorders, simfony, crumhorn, rebec, shawm, gemshorn, pipe and tabor). Includes soundfiles, information on their instruments, gig list, CDs.

“… a galaxy of string and wind instruments … Dexterity, subtlety, precise timing and a display of flying fingers.” ~ Folk West


Captain Swing

English ceilidh band featuring Ian Pittaway (guitar, mandolin), Andy Casserley (melodeon, concertina, clarinet, recorders), John Davis (bass, recorder), Liz Griffiths (recorders, saxophone, concertina) and Mike Griffiths (caller). Includes soundfiles, gig list, CDs.

“… very danceable and the music is like syncopated ice cream with extra chocolate flakes. Yummy.” ~ Somers’ What’s On


Early Music Today
Online and printed magazine with news and reviews.

Harpsichord & Fortepiano Magazine

The Severn Muses project
The Severn Muses project gives information about early music and classical music events, broadly in the Severn and Avon area.

The Jones Boys
Folk duo Sam Sloan and Gordon Jackson play English songs and Irish tunes, with the odd foray into early music.