Ian Pittaway

musician and singer of medieval and renaissance music, multi-instrumentalist, author of this website.

“Ian’s instrumental virtuosity can’t be faulted, masterful on anything he turns his frets to.” ~ English Dance & Song magazine

performance and workshop page
YouTube page

The Night Watch
Early music duo Ian Pittaway (voice, lutes, cittern, gittern, citole, renaissance guitar, bray harp, harp, mandore) and Andy Casserley (voice, recorders, simfony, crumhorn, rebec, shawm, gemshorn, pipe and tabor). “… a galaxy of string and wind instruments … Dexterity, subtlety, precise timing and a display of flying fingers.” ~ Folk West

Harpsichord & Fortepiano Magazine

Makers of historical harps.

Oliver Wadsworth
Maker of medieval, renaissance and baroque lutes, renaissance guitars and vihuelas. 

Paul Baker: Diabolus In Musica
Maker of medieval and renaissance stringed instruments.

Jiri Cepelak
Lute maker in the Czech Republic.

Historical instrument string gauge calculator
Helpfully supplied by Niskanen Lutes.

The Lute Society
The Lute Society have regular meetings (in London), a quarterly magazine that includes a collection of lute tablature on a theme (composer, masque music, fantasias, etc.), and a lute hire scheme.  

The Jones Boys
Folk duo Sam Sloan and Gordon Jackson play English songs and Irish tunes, with the odd foray into early music.